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Fact or Fiction: Are COVID-19 Symptoms Appearing on Feet?

The Coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, has many symptoms associated with it. Some of the most common symptoms of this virus include a fever, fatigue and cough. However, one of the more unique elements associated with this virus is that two people can have completely different symptoms once they are infected. One of the potential symptoms that people are talking about on the Internet pertains to feet. If you have read or heard about this, it may leave you wondering if COVID-19 symptoms appearing on feet is fact or fiction. Here is what you need to know about your feet and Coronavirus. 

Are COVID-19 Symptoms Appearing on the Feet? 

Currently, there are some COVID-19 symptoms that may appear on your feet if you are infected with this virus. This is a fact and not fiction. Some people experience the symptoms on their feet early on in their diagnosis, with this symptom being one of the first symptoms, or one of the only symptoms the person experiences. Other individuals find that they experience symptoms in their feet later on, long after they have been diagnosed as being positive for Coronavirus. 

What Types of Things May You Notice on Your Feet If you Have COVID-19? 

Beautiful young lady thinking with question marks overheadCOVID-19 may cause a few different symptoms to appear on your feet. One of the most common symptoms includes an unusual rash. This rash may develop on the toes, on the top of your foot, on your heels, on the palm of your hand, or on your fingers. The rash is typically more reddish-purple in color and may be tender or itchy. It also has raised bumps that can be painful when touched.

Another symptom of COVID-19 that you may see on your feet is swelling. Coronavirus is causing toes and/or the entire foot to swell. Finally, Coronavirus is causing a condition that is known as chilblains. This condition causes the blood vessels in your foot to become inflamed and raised. This can lead to swelling, itching and patchiness on your foot or on the toes. Typically, chilblains is caused due to exposure to the cold, so it is not clear why chilblains is starting to emerge in COVID-19 patients. 

What Should You Do If You Notice Symptoms On Your Feet? 

If you start to experience abnormal issues with your foot, you should consider getting a Coronavirus test. For some people, the foot symptoms are the only symptoms they have of the virus. You should not rule out COVID-19 simply because you do not have any of the more common symptoms, including fever or fatigue.

If you test negative and still have symptoms, you will want to visit a podiatrist, foot specialist or a dermatologist to determine what may be going on with your feet and how to best treat the symptoms that you present with. If you test positive and experience foot symptoms, a foot doctor may be able to treat you via a telephone or video call appointment. They can offer up treatments to help the symptoms you may be experiencing on your feet. 

If you are experiencing a rash on your foot, swelling in your feet or painful bumps or lesions on your feet, you may want to visit a foot doctor to look at your foot. Here at Sweeney Foot & Ankle Specialists, serving both The Woodlands and Magnolia, Texas area, we can help you with all of your foot ailments, including chilblains or foot problems caused by the Coronavirus. Reach out to our office today to schedule an appointment.