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Do Your Feet Really Grow When You're Pregnant?

Posted by Sweeney Content Team on Dec 9, 2020 5:31:21 PM

It’s not an urban legend: Feet can actually grow during pregnancy. In fact, there are logical, physiological reasons to explain the phenomenon. But before you go replacing all of your shoes, keep in mind that some “growth” is actually fluid buildup that eases after childbirth.

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Arch Support & Arch Issues

Posted by Sweeney Content Team on Dec 15, 2017 5:13:00 PM

Every foot consists of three arches: two that run longitudinally from front to back on each side of the foot, and a third that runs transversely across the middle from inside to outside. Arches are made up of tendons, ligaments and bones, and are one of the most structurally significant parts of the foot. Consider this when it comes to the importance of arches: It's estimated that our feet absorb up to 300,000 pounds of pressure for every mile that is walked. Aside from absorbing stress and pressure, arches also play a significant role in helping people adapt to uneven surfaces and assist in stabilizing the body. Bad arches aren't just going to result in pain and discomfort while walking and running, but they may also lead to more serious conditions.

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Did You Know?

The human foot has 28 bones, 33 joints, 107 ligaments, 19 muscles and numerous tendons that work together to keep you balanced and active. When there’s an injury or pain with any of them, it affects more than just your foot. Foot disorders can prevent you from performing your regular daily activities or enjoying the things you love.

75% of all Americans will experience foot problems at some point in their lifetime. This blog provides helpful information and resources regarding the most common foot problems. If you’d like more information about any of the topics, or to schedule an appointment with a foot and ankle specialist, contact us today.

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