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Watch Out for Circulation Issues in the Feet

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If you’re starting to feel like there are problems with your feet, they don’t stay warm enough, your toes go numb unexplainably, and there shooting pains when circulation seems to come back in your feet, seeing a doctor is highly recommended.

Poor feet circulation isn’t a sickness or medical condition per se. Instead, circulation problems in the extremities tends to signal a bigger problem. Causes can vary considerably. Diabetes, for example, can cause significant issues with hand and feet circulation over time. Heart problems as well as blood pressure irregularities can also be a cause. In every case, however, the warning signs should be followed up on, just in case. A podiatrist can examine these closely, being trained extensively to know what to look for and whether something is serious or simpler, such as just part of getting older.

Peripheral Artery Disease

When a person’s arteries and blood vessels narrow, it can construct the flow of blood circulation on the natural. Typically, the condition shows up with age, especially with folks past 50 years of age. However, there are circumstances where PAD can occur in younger patients. Chronic smokers, for example, tend to suffer from PAD more than normal, and it will manifest with poor feet circulation as well as in the hands.

A Blood Clot

When blood coagulates, it forms a clump that becomes a solid mass. Normally, blood flows as liquid in the body, but under some circumstances it can clot up. When this happens, it can plug up circulation in the given area. The feet tend to be the farthest away and most prone to clot issues, especially with extended sitting or lack of movement. Clots can be particularly dangerous because, when they move again, they can cause a heart attack or a stroke.


As mentioned earlier, diabetes can also cause circulation issues in the feet and hands. When the body can’t balance its sugar level properly, that can affect the body’s organs, including how they move circulation internally. Diabetes tends to cause neuropathy as well, which makes the extremities go numb. The result is that one doesn’t feel, and circulation problems can trigger bigger concerns with limb issues.

Raynaud’s Disease

An uncommon situation, Raynaud’s Disease is most commonly felt with complaints of fingers feeling cold all the time and feet never warming up. Raynaud’s also triggers a narrowing of arteries, which in turn cuts circulation off by reducing volume. That triggers a lowering of body temperature as well. The Disease is not limited to the feet either; it can be felt in the hands, lips, ears and even the nose.

Definitely Seek Help If Symptoms Appear

Numbness, muscle cramping in the feet that won’t go away, lumps or excessive swelling (pooling) sensations and pain all signal potential circulation issues. If these occur it’s time to get to a doctor and podiatrist for a thorough examination and diagnosis. Don’t guess; your feet can be early sign of a much more serious health problem that can be helped when caught early.

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