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Summertime Foot Care

child's dangling feet while sitting on a tree

When summertime rolls around and everyone wants to head outside, it's easy to forget the problems that this might bring to our feet. Sure, we may want to feel the grass between our toes, but is it wise to constantly go barefoot? What happens if to feet if they get soaked in a stream while hiking? We'll look at how you can protect your feet during these lazy, hazy days, so everyone can have healthy skin. 

Put on Shoes 

From broken glass to infections, going barefoot exposes your feet to all kinds of dangers. You're also more likely to get fungus or warts if there's nothing between your feet and the ground, so don't skip your shoes.

If you're wearing socks with your shoes this season, choose one with a synthetic blend that will pull moisture away from the skin. The more your feet sweat, the more it gives fungus the right environment to grow. This means that if your shoes and socks do get wet, you should ideally take them off, wring them out and give them a few minutes to dry.

Evaluate Your Sandals 

It's actually recommended that you wear open-toed shoes during the heat to reduce sweating, but shopping for sandals can be frustrating. Just because you can walk around the store with them, doesn't mean you can spend a whole day in them. If you're constantly getting blisters, it's probably time for a new pair. Until you find a replacement though, you can use a liquid bandage to reduce the amount of friction if you feel one about to pop. 

Avoid Swelling 

The best way to avoid swelling feet and ankles this summer is to buy supportive shoes and stay hydrated. Ideally, you're looking for shoes that will support both your arch and heels to get the best results. However, you don't necessarily have to give up your flip-flops altogether as long as you don't rely on them exclusively for the next few months. If your nicer sandals need a little extra support, you can always buy inserts that will give your foot the cushioning they need to be comfortable. 

Slather It On 

Sunscreen and moisturizer are a must for your feet during summer. Your feet are going to dry out quickly in the sun, and they'll also be exposed to its potentially harmful rays. Use sunscreen with at least SPF 15 and make sure to reapply if it's been washed away by anything from chlorine to sweat. Try getting into the habit of applying moisturizer both before you go to sleep and after you shower (or in the morning if you shower at night). 


Try a Pedicure 

A pedicure is more than an indulgence: it's a way to keep your nails trimmed and your skin healthy. Tough patches can be sanded down, so you're left with beautiful, clear skin. This will be perfect for all those picnic outings. It will also remind you to change your polish. Keeping it on for too long can be unhealthy for the nail bed, so it's important to give it at least a little air. 

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