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Foot Tendonitis

Demystifying Foot Tendonitis: Symptoms, Causes and Treatments

Have you been experiencing pain in your foot that gets worse when trying to walk? Does the pain in your foot feel as though it is moving up and down your leg? Are you experiencing achiness, burning, and swelling in the foot and ankle region...

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Young physiotherapist exercising with elder disabled person

Understanding “Drop Foot”: Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis and Treatments

Drop foot, also known as foot drop, is not a disease but a medical condition characterized by the inability to lift the front part of the fo...
Female Heel Pain

Understanding Heel Spurs: Symptoms, Causes, and Treatments

Heel spurs are a common foot condition that can cause heel pain and discomfort. Treatment for heel spurs typically involves stretching exerc...
Sweeney Foot & Ankle What is Achilles Heel Pain and Tendonitis Diagram of Inside Foot

What is Achilles Heel Pain and Tendonitis?

In your quest to end Achilles tendon pain, let us assist you. Here at Sweeney Foot and Ankle Specialists, serving Texans in Magnolia and The...
Sweeney Foot and Ankle Tendonitis of the Feet Hand Rubbing Feet

Tendonitis of the Feet

Tiny cords of tissue known as tendons help connect muscle to bone in your feet. Occasionally, these tendons become irritated and inflamed, w...