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Can Doctors Do Anything For a Broken Toe?

Has social distancing got you wondering if you need to go to the doctor or stay home? When you drop a weight on your toe or stub it, it’s difficult to say what comes first, the swearing or the pain. And if it is indeed broken, it's hard to ...

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Cast vs. Boot

Broken or fractured bones in the lower leg aren’t all treated the same. Sometimes a cast is used, other times a boot is the preferred method...
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Should You Go to the Doctor For a Broken Toe?

The short answer is Yes. Yes, you should you should go to the doctor if you suspect your toe is broken. When you drop a weight on your toe o...
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Common Causes and Treatments of Foot Stress Fractures

There are some misconceptions about what causes a foot stress fracture. Unlike other commonly damaged bones, a stress fracture in the foot g...