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Why Does My Foot Hurt When I Roll It?

Why Does My Foot Hurt When I Roll It? Woman Rubbing Ankle

As a complex part of the body, the foot is made up of muscles, joints, bones, and tendons, all working together to help the foot bend, flex, and move with ease. In some situations, what seems to be a minor twist or misstep can lead to damage throughout any component of your foot. For example, if you are experiencing pain when you roll your foot, that could result from not treating a sprain properly.

Should It Hurt to Roll Your Foot?

In most situations, when you apply pressure to your foot and roll your ankle, you should not feel any type of sharp pain. You may feel some initial discomfort. However, it should never be significant amounts of pain. If you have this type of pain, it's likely the result of an injury. Generally speaking, rolling your foot is an effective way to reduce some tension and pain in your foot. As a result, it shouldn't hurt.


What Does It Mean When It Does Hurt, Then?

In some situations, a sprain occurs. That means one of the ligaments that holds the bones together has been pulled out of place. Ligaments are critical issues. They are flexible and strong. They need to be to hold the bones of the foot in place. However, if you take a step and land in an awkward position or you trip and land improperly on your foot, that can cause the ligaments to tear and stretch. That is what a sprain is. 


This type of injury can happen to any of the foot's ligaments. It can often create pain, including when walking or moving. If you try to roll your foot with a sprain, you'll likely feel a sharp pain. It may last for a few seconds or longer. When this type of pain impacts the middle part of the foot, it is sometimes called a mid-foot sprain.


Why You Need to Treat a Sprain Right Away

Often, the pain from a sprain like this isn't significant – it may hurt, but it doesn't stop you from walking. You may try to put off doing anything for it. However, a sprain of the foot can cause damage that lasts longer, especially if it is not treated properly.


It's necessary to rest the area that hurts completely. That means you should not walk on it. It may also be helpful to ice it to reduce any swelling and pain. The use of compression may help some people as well.


If you do not see improvement right away, it is important to seek care for your injury. If you cannot put weight on your foot or have sharp pain, don't wait to put off these appointments. 


For those who have pain now after a sprain, it's still important to come in to see your foot doctor. Doing so helps determine why the ligaments may no longer function the way they should. Leaving the pain, even if it seems minor, may lead to more complex problems over time, especially if you don't walk properly due to the discomfort. 


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