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Bunion Surgery: Is It Worth It?

Bunions are caused by abnormal bones in the front of the foot that move out of place resulting in your big toe leaning towards the smaller toes and causing the bone at your big toe joint to push outward (which is the "bunion" or bump that y...

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Cast vs. Boot

Broken or fractured bones in the lower leg aren’t all treated the same. Sometimes a cast is used, other times a boot is the preferred method...
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Post-Foot-Surgery Tips

Post-surgical success requires that the patient play a significant role in the healing process. Different things affect healing from foot su...
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5 Tips for Post Bunion Surgery Recovery

Bunions can often be treated conservatively through the use of orthotics, shoe modifications or padding efforts. However, when a bunion defo...
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Pros and Cons of Bunion Surgery

Also known as Hallux Valgus, a bunion is foot condition that occurs when the big toe bends toward and pushes the smaller ones. It causes the...