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Sportsman ties his black sneakers

Don't Let Fungus Get a Foothold: A Guide to Toe Fungus

Toe fungus is a common problem that affects millions of Americans. It can cause discomfort, embarrassment, and even pain if left untreated.

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Hammer Toes

Unveiling the Mystery of Hammer Toes: Causes, Symptoms, and Effective Treatments

When it comes to foot health, understanding common conditions like hammer toes is crucial. At Sweeney Foot & Ankle, our dedicated team of do...
toe nail treatment

Yellow Toenails: Causes, Treatments, and Prevention Strategies for Healthy Feet

Healthy nails are not only aesthetically pleasing but also an indicator of overall well-being. However, when toenails develop a yellow disco...
Cleats on artificial turf

Turf Toe: What You Need to Know for Healthy Feet

Turf toe is a painful condition that could prevent you from working, taking care of your family, or enjoying your favorite pastimes. While m...
Ingrown toenail

Ingrown Toenail 101: Symptoms, Treatments, and Prevention Tips

Ingrown toenails occur when the edges or corners of a toenail grow into the skin surrounding the nail, causing pain, redness, and inflammati...
Man with hurt toe

Frequently Asked Questions About a Sprain Versus Broken Toe

Toe injuries are common, and they can occur in a number of different ways. You may have stubbed your toe, accidentally kicked something in t...
Children feet with faces

Solving Pediatric Foot Problems: What Parents Need to Know

As a parent, you want to make sure your child is healthy and happy. But did you know that children can experience foot issues just like adul...
Older lady visiting the podiatrist.

What Is A Muco-Cutaneious Cyst?

Discovering a small, squishy lump on your toe near the nail may be shocking and leaving you with a lot of questions. While it is impossible ...
Sweeney Foot & Ankle No Doubt Gout is Painful Young Woman Sitting on Wood Floor Holding Foot in Pain

No Doubt - Gout is Painful

Gout is a painful inflammatory disease that affects hundreds of thousands of people in Texas and the world. Typically, it only affects one j...
Sweeney Foot and Ankle Metatarsalgia Close Up Of Feet


Defining Metatarsalgia The foot has 28 bones. Five of them called the metatarsals extend from the base of the toes to the ankle. Metarsa in ...