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Working Out and Your Feet: What You Need to Know

The New Year is almost here, and many people will resolve to get healthier and begin to workout. And those who may routinely hit the gym may be looking to get back into the routine they had before the holiday season got them off track. Before you head to the gym or participate in sports, it is important to understand the impact that having the right footwear can have on your feet as you exercise. Here is what you need to know about working out and your feet. 

The Benefits of Wearing the Right Types of Shoes

There are many benefits associated with wearing the right types of shoes while you are exercising. Shoes are specially designed to protect your feet and cushion them based on the type of shoe that you are wearing. A great running shoe will lessen the impact on your step each time your foot hits the pavement and cushion it. A great basketball shoe provides ankle stability and cushions the bottom of your foot as you land from jumping. All in all, the right type of shoe for the activity you are participating in protects your foot and helps to improve your performance. 

Why Fit is Important

Having the right shoe for the activity you are participating in alone is not enough. The shoe needs to have the right fit for you to maximize your benefits. If the fit is off, your arch may not be properly supported, which can cause your feet to ache, and can even cause your legs and back to ache. An improper fit may lead to blisters as well. Finally, an improper fit may not allow your foot to properly move inside of the shoe, which can cause injuries to your foot and ankle. Many athletic shoe stores do have professionals on-hand who can help to fit you for shoes. Consider utilizing this service to ensure you are wearing the right sized shoe and the shoe fits your foot properly in all the areas that it needs to fit. 

How Frequently Should You Replace Your Workout Shoes

In order for your workout shoe to continue to provide you with the benefits that your foot needs, your workout shoe should be regularly replaced. If the tread on your shoe is worn, it needs to be replaced. If the shoe is no longer supporting your foot, it should be replaced. You should also replace your shoes after they have been used for about 350 to 500 miles. This can be hard to calculate, so for many people, looking for signs of wear is a better indicator. Checking the midsole, or the layer between your outsole and the inside of your foot, can help you determine if your shoe is nearing the end of its lifespan. If the sole is decreasing in size or looks compressed, your should consider replacing your shoe. 

Wearing the right shoes when you are working out can help to minimize injuries and problems to your feet. However, they cannot prevent every foot problem you may encounter. If you are experiencing a problem with your feet, it is important to have your feet checked out by a specialist in a timely manner. At Sweeney Foot and Ankle Specialists, with offices in Magnolia and The Woodlands, Texas, we are here to assist with your feet and ankles.