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Why Does My Foot Hurt When I Roll It? Woman Rubbing Ankle

Why Does My Foot Hurt When I Roll It?

As a complex part of the body, the foot is made up of muscles, joints, bones, and tendons, all working together to help the foot bend, flex, and move with ease. In some situations, what seems to be a minor twist or misstep can lead to damag...

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woman sitting on a track with a hurt ankle

Ankle Pain While Running

We are a couple of months into the New Year, and many people made resolutions to lose weight or get back into shape. If you were one of thes...
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Frequently Asked Questions About the Medial and Lateral Malleolus

While your foot and ankle area may be a small part of your body, these structures are made up of any different structures, joints and bones....

Frequent Ankle Injuries and Symptoms

  Ankle injuries happen daily. With all the muscles, tendons, ligaments and bones in your feet and ankles, there’s a lot of elements at risk...
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How Can I Relieve Ankle Pain?

Ankle pain is one of the most common complaints we treat here at Sweeney Foot & Ankle Specialists. From complex sprains to simple overuse, y...
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Ankle Sprains 101

An ankle sprain is a common injury that can affect patients of any age. Below is some basic information about ankle sprains and how they can...

The Importance of Physical Therapy After an Injury

We understand that, after an injury, our demand will want us to go out and seize the day. Truthfully, the recovery process does not end afte...
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Three Common Ankle Injuries

Ankle injuries are some of the most common types of injuries out there. With all the muscles, tendons, ligaments and bones in your feet and ...