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child's dangling feet while sitting on a tree

Summertime Foot Care

When summertime rolls around and everyone wants to head outside, it's easy to forget the problems that this might bring to our feet. Sure, we may want to feel the grass between our toes, but is it wise to constantly go barefoot? What happen...

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Staying Active During Quarantine

As difficult and challenging this spring has been from an employment and a public health point of view, the occasional bright point can be f...

Aging Feet and Ankles

Over time, your body begins to show the effects of aging. Skin sags, wrinkles form and age spots may appear. Your feet and ankles are not im...
adult and kid feet

Five Weird Things That Happen to Your Feet as You Age

You may already be observing the ways that growing older can change your face, your metabolism and your ability to recover from strenuous ex...

Protecting Your Feet — and the Rest of Your Body — from Snakebites

Fifteen potentially dangerous snake species or subspecies call Texas home, but more people die every year from lightning strikes than venomo...
people group jogging, runners team on morning  training

Pre- and Post-Marathon Foot Care

You’ve just run your first marathon (or half marathon) and suddenly your feet are killing you. There's no swelling, but you can’t walk from ...
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February Feet: Top 5 Tips to get Your Winter Feet Ready for Summer

Summer is on its way, and you’re certainly going to want to slip on some comfy beach sandals and set your feet free. If you’re like most of ...
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Can You Get Cancer of the Feet?

Skin cancer is the most common kind of cancer, Melanoma being the deadliest form. We all know to protect ourselves from harmful UV rays and ...
Beautiful young woman with long dark hair lying on her back on a white sofa at home with her feet up.jpeg

Are Your Feet Trying to Tell You Something?

Our feet get us from point A to point B without much thought from us about it, unless they start hurting. But what if our feet our trying to...