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Sweeney Foot and Ankle My Feet Hurt When I Wake Up. What Are the Causes. Woman Stretching and Waking Up in Bed.

My Feet Hurt When I Wake Up. What Are the Causes?

Most people expect their feet to feel sore after standing on them for a prolonged period during the day. However, you do not expect to wake up with sore or hurting feet. Since you have been off of your feet, you expect to wake up having fee...

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Why Does My Foot Hurt When I Roll It? Woman Rubbing Ankle

Why Does My Foot Hurt When I Roll It?

As a complex part of the body, the foot is made up of muscles, joints, bones, and tendons, all working together to help the foot bend, flex,...
someone holding their foot like it hurts

Do Your Feet Hurt and You Don't Know Why?

It’s easy to put a lot of wear and tear on your feet in the course of an ordinary day. You might be on your feet for many hours at work or s...
hand holding baby feet with crossover toes

Crossover Toes

When your toes aren’t positioned with one right next to the other in a row but instead you have a toe that is overlapping, it is a condition...
Sweeney Foot and Ankle Swollen Feet and Ankles Feet Propped Up

Swollen Feet and Ankles

Though common, swollen feet and ankles can certainly be uncomfortable for those who experience it. The bad news is that there are plenty of ...
Sweeney Foot and Ankle Why are My Feet Stiff

Why Are My Feet Stiff?

The foot, with its hundreds of bones, ligaments, tendons and muscles, is one of the most complex parts of the human body. Unfortunately, tha...
Sweeney Foot & Ankle Corns: What Are They and How Can They Be Treaded Close Up of Person Rubbing Feet

Corns: What Are They and How Can They Be Treated?

That thickened, sometimes painful bump on top of -- or between -- your toes can make even a short walk painful. Or perhaps you’ve been exper...
Sweeney Foot & Ankle What is Achilles Heel Pain and Tendonitis Diagram of Inside Foot

What is Achilles Heel Pain and Tendonitis?

In your quest to end Achilles tendon pain, let us assist you. Here at Sweeney Foot and Ankle Specialists, serving Texans in Magnolia and The...
Sweeney Foot and Ankle Tendonitis of the Feet Hand Rubbing Feet

Tendonitis of the Feet

Tiny cords of tissue known as tendons help connect muscle to bone in your feet. Occasionally, these tendons become irritated and inflamed, w...
Sweeney Foot and Ankle What is the Cuboid Bond and Cuboid Syndrome Toe Dancer

What is the Cuboid Bone and Cuboid Syndrome?

Experiencing pain on the outer side of your foot? It could be caused by cuboid syndrome. Learn more about this painful, yet extremely common...