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Feet Swollen? Top 5 Reasons This Happens and When to Be Concerned

When it comes to our feet, we take them for granted. We are on our feet for long hours of the day as they go through a range of abuses. In fact, the only time when we may pay particular attention to them is when we stub a toe or get a cut o...

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Spider Veins

In the continuum of medical conditions, spider veins are relatively common and harmless. However, many people who get spider veins are disma...
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Post-Foot-Surgery Tips

Post-surgical success requires that the patient play a significant role in the healing process. Different things affect healing from foot su...
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Top Causes of Stiff Feet

When you consider that the human foot has more than 100 ligaments, muscles and tendons, along with 33 joints and 26 bones, it’s not surprisi...
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Move in May: May is National Physical Fitness and Sports Month

Regular physical activity is important for good health, but many people in the United States do not get the exercise they need to stay healt...
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Foot Pain and Arthritis

Arthritis is a type of inflammation of one or more joints. It can lead to stiffness and pain in any one of your body joints, but is most com...
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5 Tips for Post Bunion Surgery Recovery

Bunions can often be treated conservatively through the use of orthotics, shoe modifications or padding efforts. However, when a bunion defo...
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What are the Most Common Foot Problems in Adults and Children?

Our feet don’t get enough credit for what they do for us. They are our main mode of transportation and they carry our full body weight 24/7 ...
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What Causes Hardened Skin on the Feet?

While it’s not generally a health danger of any kind, hardened skin on the feet can be both unattractive and bothersome. The most common cau...
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The Risks You Take by Walking Outside Barefoot

Fans of barefoot walking often claim it's best because it's natural. However, human beings put a lot of work into designing comfortable and ...